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Maniple Games

Maniple Games is a small Wisconsin based board game company. We have backgrounds in Strategy/RPG board games, P&P RPGs, and MTG type card games.

My name is Matt Hanna, I am the owner of Maniple Games. We are a brand-new company that is working towards our first Kickstarter project that will launch in May of this year. The Tu’x Rebellion is our first game and we are excited to finally be showing it off to all of you here on Tabletop Gaming’s website and the virtual showcase.

We are also looking forward to interviews, previews and more playthroughs in the months of April and May leading up to our Kickstarter release in May.

Desks and Dorks, OMGnexus – Kicking Tables, Legends of Nerdvana and I Teach Her She Wins 
are four such YouTube channels we will be on.