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Faction House Kel

Who is House Kel?
House Kel was founded on the order of King Ithamar. Lands, troops, and notable families were put under the protection of the new Lord Luxes Kel. Rights of nobility signed by royal decree were given and the house was also blessed by the drake King Martex with the gift of fire. Luxes Kel was a spirited warrior on the battlefield but utterly professional in personality. Troops under his command were disciplined, expertly drilled, and reflected their commander’s professional edge. Luxes Kel, quickly set-in place martial traditions that now are synonymous with the house. The same professionalism that was displayed by Luxes was passed down through the family and retainers. Many volumes of military treatises have been written over the years by members of House Kel giving birth to what is now the most well-known military academy on the continent.

They have never sided with anyone but the King. House Kel has a long history of military service, with nearly every member of the family having served in the military in one form or another. Kel officers are well respected all over the island for their leadership skills and abilities in combat. If a member of House Kel would have access to magic, it would be only fire. They can infuse this force of nature into weapons, munitions, and can even throw fire across the battlefield.

Founded: Year 1

Founded by: Luxes Kel

Current Key Members of House Kel:

Jacob Kel, Lord of House Kel, Superintendent of the Kel Academy, General of 11th Corps.

Jessica Kel, High Lady of House Kel, Chief Tactics Instructor, General of the House Guard.

Jackson Kel, Colonel 11th Corps.

Thule Kel, Major 11th Corps.

Ian Kel, Colonel 7th Corps.


Strengths: Units are ability heavy and can choose when to deal out punishing fire damage. The house can also use battlefield wide benefits to aid themselves and allies.


Weakness: House units overall have average stats for attack, defense, and troop strength and must rely on well-timed offensive abilities. Longer lasting battles or repeatedly having to fight new battles can quickly deplete Kel units.


House mechanics:

Every unit the Kel player creates from the House has several built-in traits.

Spearwall +1, which helps house units combat mounted enemies

Kel Spirit, which negates some enemy defenses(edited)

Military Units:

In tier one, players have access to one infantry and one ranged unit

Spears: This Infantry unit has average stats, but ‘Offensive Training’, when used at the proper moment, can tip the balance.

Mountain Wardens: This ranged unit can scout enemy armies so that Kel commanders can build their armies accordingly with ‘Eyes and Ears’. ‘Hot Shot’ also can consume enemy units’ abilities during a battle in an attempt to nullify problematic situations.

In tier two, players gain access to two more infantry units

Spear Guard: This Infantry unit has all the bonuses of the Spears and gains ‘Rolling Flame’. This allows the unit to not only hit the enemy front lines, but also softening up the enemy’s rear lines with fiery explosions.

Sword-Staves: This Infantry unit is the first overtly magical unit house Kel gains access to. Each time the unit is attacked, it lashes out with ‘Fiery Retaliation’ dealing small but irreducible damage to attackers. Also, well timed heavy attacks can have even more fire damage added with ‘Into the Fire’.

In tier three, players gain access to two more infantry units and one ranged unit

House Guard: This unit is the most heavily armored Infantry House Kel fields. ‘Commanding presence’ grants battlefield wide benefits for units with Spearwall and other infantry gain increased damage ‘Press the Attack’ is a temporary battlefield wide benefit increasing Infantry and Cavalry damage for one full phase. ‘Recommendation Received’ allows Kel players to create more Favor for other players.

Emberspears: This unit most offensive magical Infantry House Kel can bring to the battlefield. ‘Fireshot’ can completely eliminate wounded enemy units. Just like the Sword-Staves, the Emberspears have access to ‘Fiery Retaliation’ and ‘Into the Fire’.

Firestars: This is the best ranged unit House Kel has. ‘Fire Arrows’ is a special trait that does irreducible damage that can’t be healed. ‘Air Burst’ can stun enemy units, leaving them vulnerable to future attacks. ‘Magma Shot’ can be a devastating attack when executed well against heavily armored enemy troops.

House Building: The Kel Academy is a special building that lets not only Kel players, but also other allied players units go for special training gaining increased statistics or new abilities. There is a limit to the number of simultaneous units that can be present at the Academy so plan wisely.