Hasbro launches Monopoly Longest Game Ever in what we hope is a joke?

25 November 2019
The much derided Monopoly gets a tongue-in-cheek “longest game ever” version, are they just making fun?

Is the new monopoly longest game ever a late April fools joke from Hasbro? 

We’re not sure. It really looks like its real, but we still don't really believe it. Much like the recent Monopoly Socialism it does seem like Hasbro are in the business of trying to “troll” the general board game community. Still, here we are talking about it, so I guess it has worked in getting our attention at least.

But at least the mechanics of Monopoly Longest Game Ever are slightly different.

Here are the ways that Monopoly Longest Game Ever is different from normal Monopoly:

  • Only one dice – getting double and whizzing around the board was a bit too speedy. Instead, take the gentle slower pace of a single D6 to take in scenery.
  • Longer board with 66 Properties – we all know that the most disappointing part of monopoly is when you’ve all run out of properties and there’s no more to buy. We’ve all actually got there right? Don’t worry, there’s even more on here, with 66 properties to purchase.
  • New Victory Condition: someone must own all 66 properties – that’s right, the game only ends when someone owns 16 streets, 4 railroads, 2 utilities and all 66 properties. 
  • No more bankruptcy with rip up cash – running out of money? Simply tear one of your bills in half, and now you have two! You’re rich again! Just like real money! (Please don’t do this)

For those looking for bang for their buck when it comes to Monopoly, this version surely has the most minutes-to-the-pound than any other version.

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Of course, Monopoly was already a long game. According to some very lazy Googling the longest game of monopoly lasted 70 straight days. We can only hope that Monopoly The Longest Game Ever offers us that every time we play.

Monopoly has been carted out by Hasbro in a number of interchangeable frocks in the past, mostly for localised cash grabs (I’m still waiting for Monopoly: my actual living room edition). But occasionally Hasbro do something quite fun and silly like this. Here’s a few of the other noteworthy version of Monopoly:

So, it's up to you, will you be settling down for the longest game of Monopoly ever this Christmas?


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