Monopoly: Game of Thrones will blast the theme tune while you play, which doesn’t sound annoying at all

21 November 2018
monopoly-got-05602.jpg Monopoly: Game of Thrones
A Lannister always pays their rent

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Game of Thrones? Forget the gratuitous sex, violence and swearing – it’s probably Ramin Djawadi’s earworming theme tune, with its stirring duh-duh-duhduhduh-duhhhhh hook and intense orchestral production.

With the theme being such an iconic part of the fantasy TV series – arguably as big a part of its popularity as Tyrion Lannister’s witty remarks or The Hound’s fondness for a certain C word – it’s maybe not surprising that the next stab at bringing Game of Thrones to the tabletop has put the music front and centre of the experience.

The second edition of Monopoly: Game of Thrones comes with a card holder shaped like the Iron Throne that belts out the theme tune while you move around the board, buying up property across Westeros and Essos.

Perhaps less surprising is the fact that this is the first Monopoly to feature an audio element to its gameplay – we can’t say that listening to any song on repeat for three hours fills us with a great amount of enthusiasm, especially when combined with the idea of the usual arguing over house rules and cheating that Monopoly inspires. At least seeing your family descend into chaos and (near) bloodshed is in keeping with the Game of Thrones world this time around.

Other Game of Thrones touches to the game include the substitution of Monopoly’s paper bills with silver stag and gold dragon coins, and tokens that represent the various houses of the seven kingdoms.

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Oddly, the show’s adult content means that Monopoly: Game of Thrones is also recommended for players aged 18 and older.

The new game will be released in January, ahead of the TV show’s eighth and final season in April. If you really find yourself wanting to get a taste of the experience before then, maybe just load up the music on a laptop or phone – but be careful your fellow players don’t decide to re-enact the rest of the show as a result.


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