What was inside the 2021 Advent Calendar?

11 January 2022
We reveal what made up all 25 days

Day 1
Gift: Sweets
Publisher: Honey Badger
Value: £5.00

Day 2
Gift: Inkling
Publisher: Osprey
Value: £15.99
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Day 3
Gift: Episode
Publisher: Detective Society 
Value: £35.00

Day 4
Gift: Subscription to Tabletop Gaming
Publisher: Us
Value: £35.94

Day 5
Gift: Airfix presents Blood Red Skies
Publisher: Warlord
Value: £67.00
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Day 6
Gift: Coyte
Publisher: Heidelbar
Value: £14.99
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Day 7
Gift: One month subscription
Publisher: Rent A Meeple
Value: £14.99

Day 8
Gift: Terrain Crates
Publisher: Mantic Games
Value: £15.98

Day 9
Gift: Symbaroum Starter Set
Publisher: Free League
Value: £31.99
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Day 10
Gift: Micro Macro
Publisher: Pegasus Spiele
Value: £29.99
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Day 11
Gift: Tabletop Gaming Live 2022 Show Tickets
Publisher: Us again!
Value: £52.00

Day 12
Gift: Suspects Standalone Case & Loading
Publisher: Hachette Games & Studio H
Value: £10.00

Day 13
Gift: Dice Tray
Publisher: Deep Cut Studios
Value: £6.00

Day 14
Gift: Tails of Equestria Starter Set
Publisher: River Horse
Value: £15.00

Day 15
Gift: Book of Battlemats 
Publisher: Loke Battlemats
Value: £19.99

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Day 16
Gift: Three Flesh & Blood Blitz Decks and playmat
Publisher: Legend Story Studios
Value: £45.00

Day 17
Gift: Three month Gold Subscription
Publisher: Tabletopia
Value: £19.98

Day 18
Gift: Word Slam
Publisher: Kosmos
Value: £13.50
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Day 19
Gift: Book!
Publisher: Aconyte
Value: £8.99

Day 20
Gift: Either Kittin, Tinderblox or Pier 18
Publisher: Alley Cat
Value: £12.99
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Day 21
Gift: Polyhero Rogue Dice Set
Publisher: Tabletop Tycoon
Value: £21.69

Day 22
Gift: Railroad Ink Challenge
Publisher: Horrible Guild
Value: £19.99
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Day 23
Gift: Mazescape
Publisher: Kosmos
Value: £11.00

Day 24
Gift: Million Dollar Script
Publisher: Portal Games
Value: £17.99
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Day 25
Gift: Streets
Publisher: Sinister Fish
Value: £34.99
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Total 25 day value: £575.98

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