Must-Play Games of 2021 As Rated by Tabletop Gaming Magazine

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21 June 2021
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Tabletop Gaming Magazine is a monthly publication that brings you all the great stuff of the tabletop world – news, features, interviews, and importantly, reviews. Each issue is full of reviews from a number of contributors, and are rated on a scale that asks, should you play? No, Maybe, Yes, and then the coveted Must Play.

In this video Charlie takes a look at some of the games reviewed in the magazines from January to June editions of 2021 to get an idea of the games our reviewers are saying you shouldn't miss. It's worth noting, we review a number of games in different formats and editions, not all of these games came out in 2021, but they were reviewed in 2021, which is why they've made the list.

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Want to read through? You can pick up the magazine itself by clicking here.

As for more, click each of the below for the full review of all the games mentioned! 

Praga Caput Regni, Lost Ruins of Arnak, VeilwraithCoatl: Beez: BattleconDwellings of EldervaleWildlands: The AncientsThe Red Cathedral: Thrive, and Electric Bastionland.

Plus, if you got this far, we've got more links for you! A chance for Must-play awarded Electric Bastionland writer to show you how to create an RPG: Our, which you can check out by clicking here too.


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