Your Timetable for Virtual Events

14 May 2020
I'm late! I'm late! For a very important gaming event!

We may have seen most conventions cancelled as a result of COVID-19 factors, but the industry is bouncing back and producing some great online opportunities to join in with our favourite creators. As more and more virtual events up, it’s been tricky to keep track – yes, our schedules are pretty clear from inside the house, but we need to remember what is happening and when, especially when it’s hard to remember what day it is! For that reason, we’ve compiled some of the virtual events below in order, so you can mark them all for your viewing enjoyment.



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Friday 15th May 2020 to Sunday 17th May 2020 - CMON Expo


Hosted on Facebook, the CMON Expo is a move from its traditional physical expo to a virtual one. It promises opportunities for panels, contests, painting, prizes, announcements and surprises, with a provisional schedule available online. It’s also free to join in with the CMON fun, so grab an internet-enabled device and get comfy to watch.

Tuesday 26th May to Sunday 31st May 2020 – PaizoCon


One of the longer conventions, the cancellation of the Seattle based PaizoCon forced it to move online, giving us an opportunity to play games and see what’s happening behind the scenes. This will be on a variety of platforms, including Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, and D20Pro, with seminars and live-plays on twitch. You’ll need to register for a free ticket to attend.



Friday 5th June 2020 to Sunday 7th June 2020 – Renegade Virtual Con


Unlike others on this list, Renegade Games Virtual Con was not a result of a physical convention cancellation, but from the schedule it’s provided you would never know. It’s got Renegade TV, workshops, panels and interviews, board game demos, RPG demos, RPG Live Plays, and Learn to Play’s, plus more in what looks to be a packed weekend. You’ll need to register for a ticket, but it’s free to join, and will take place over different mediums depending on the event.


Friday 10th July 2020 to Saturday 11th July 2020- Portal Con


PortalCon has been popular previously, but as a polish spoken convention those of us without an additional language have been unable to reap the full benefits of the convention. Whilst this was held earlier this month, Portal Games have announced an English speaking convention for our benefit! This will be live streamed from Youtube, and there’s no cost to watch.

Thursday 30th July 2020 to Sunday 2nd August 2020- Gen Con Online


One of the bigger conventions, and the largest in North America, Gen Con confirmed moving from its usual four-day physical convention in Indianapolis to a virtual version, due to contain 'livestreaming content, remote gaming, and other online programming', and the attendance is free. 



Friday 21st August 2020 to Sunday 23rd August 2020 UKGE – Virtually Expo


We were saddened when UK Games Expo cancelled their yearly event, as it’s always been a great opportunity to see everyone and everything. However, they’ve given us the great news that actually they’re moving online, in their first ‘Virtually Expo’. There’s no actual cost to attend, but you can pay a level you’re happy with (though tournaments and roleplaying games will maintain their entry fee).



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