UK Games Expo is Back, and now it's Virtual

14 May 2020
It’s a great time to have an internet connection

There’s a great big beautiful board game world out there, but it felt a little smaller when we heard not long ago from UK Games Expo of the cancellation of their August Expo. It had originally been scheduled for May, before being moved to August, and then cancelled entirely. Attendees were offered a refund of their ticket, or the opportunity to roll it over as a ticket for the 2021 event instead.

It had said that it wasn’t looking at alternative options at the time, and we were left to assume another year before we could get together again. However, we’re pleased to say they’ve changed their minds, and now there’ll be 'Virtually Expo'!

It’s due to take place from 6 pm (BST) on Friday, August 21st, 2020, through to 4 pm Sunday, August 23rd. The site and information are being updated, with further information due on Saturday May 16th 2020, so we’ve not long to wait.

The Virtually Expo will operate on an optional pay for entry basis, where you can pay the level you’re happy with (though tournaments and role-playing games will maintain their entry fee). There’ll be merchandise available to purchase online, and it states all of the usual aspects you’d expect to see at the expo – including the queuing!

It lists on its site the following:

  • Board Games and card games
  • Roleplaying Games
  • Live Shows
  • Tournaments
  • Game Demos
  • Playtesting
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Publisher / Designer Events
  • CosPlay
  • Voting for the UKGE Awards and an Awards Ceremony

Plus, in a Facebook comment, it also confirmed a virtual exhibitor hall, so you can still browse and buy new games.

The tech you’ll need has yet to be confirmed, but based on other online conventions, and the icons included within its announcement, we’ll expect this to cover Discord, Switch, Zoom, and YouTube as a minimum.

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This looks to be great fun, so grab your tickets when it opens, and mark your calendars.



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