CMON Expo To Move Online This Weekened

13 May 2020
'CMON, 'CMON, do the online expo with me....

Once upon a time, in a world before the global pandemic, CMON’s yearly Expo was scheduled for 2020, allowing fans the opportunity to be in and amongst fellow gamers and creators, and see new projects. People were allowed within two metres of each other, and allowed to be there for more than an hour. That time feels like a fairy tale now, though it wasn't all that long ago! As a result of COVID-19 then, CMON cancelled its 2020 Expo.


However, as many are now doing do, CMON has decided to move online, in its first Virtual Expo! It lists opportunities for panels, contests, painting, prizes, announcements and surprises, so we’ll get all of the best bits of an expo, without the expensive parking.


The events will be hosted by CMON on Facebook, where you’ll need to register (for free!) to get involved, occurring on this weekend of May 16th and 17th, a week later than the original would have been held.


The final schedule is still to be confirmed, but the following has already been revealed on its Facebook event:


May 16th

  • CONTEST: General Painting
  • ZOMBICIDE CONTEST: Meet the Survivors!
  • Live gameplay
  • CONTEST: What's on the menu?
  • Game designers/developers Panel
  • Adventure at Home!


May 17th

  • CONTEST: Show us your gaming table!
  • CONTEST: To Battle!
  • ASOIAF: Visions in the Flames
  • Arcadia Quest Panel
  • Adventure at Home!


May 18th

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  • Photos, Recap and winners announcements


Whilst we’ll have to consider the time difference, a nice side bonus of events being held online, such as PaizoCon who announced a similar move, is that we can attend more events than maybe we would have been able to before. Rather than travelling to Georgia, we can relax in the comfort of our own sofas, though CMON did respond to a comment regarding European watchers to explain activities launched will work for anyone around the globe, so regardless of schedule we’ll be able to tune in. We can't wait!




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