Two New Oink Games Get a UK Release

14 February 2024
DroPolter and Rafter Five will release on Monday 19th February, distributed by Hachette Boardgames UK.

Small means mighty when it comes to Oink Games, with the likes of Dead Sea Adventure being a popular and sought-after sight on gamers' shelves. In our interview with Oink Games, we said their future looked "Bright and Exciting", and it certainly seems we were right. Almost always contained in a tiny box, be it Scout or Quickety Pickety, there's always tons of fun gameplay within. The news therefore of two new games being brought to market, by Hachette Boardgames UK is a welcome one. 

What is DroPolter?

Although never confirmed, DroPolter seems to be a combination of "Drop" and "Poltergeist", as the game sees you seeking to drop only the correct items that ghosts want to see, described as a "palm muscle" dexterity game. You'll have a hand of items, which, when a card is flipped, you'll need to drop only one of from your hand at a time. Dropping the correct items rewards you a tiny bell (that shouldn't be dropped!), and dropping the incorrect ones takes you out of the round. 

Whilst it's never been in the UK before, it has made waves overseas, with Rahdo highlighting it specifically in the video below.


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What is Rafter Five?

In a Jenga-esque game, you'll use the game box as your raft, and seek to build and expand from it. To do this in Rafter Five, you'll use little rafters (cardboard planks), to make the largest raft possible – but you want to be the only one to benefit. Each turn you'll place a treasure chest somewhere precariously on the raft, in the hope that doing so will cause a subsequent player to knock it off – once you get to five chests in your hold, you're out, and the last remaining player wins. 

Both games have an age suitability of 6+, and can be played with 2-5 players in approximately 15 minutes. They will be available from Monday 19th February 2024. 


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