Tales From the Loop- The Board Game comes to Kickstarter

07 April 2020
Advanced technology meets 80's farmland in this art inspired Kickstarter.

If you’ve been binging on streaming services during lockdown, you may be familiar with Tales From The Loop, based on the universe created by Simon Stalenhag, on Amazon Prime.


If not that, then you may be familiar with Tales From the Loop as a tabletop roleplaying game. And if not that, then you should, as we considered it one of the best games of 2017 (which you can read by clicking here).


And if not those, it’s not to worry, as there’s a whole new opportunity to become immersed in this world, as Free League's Tales From the Loop – The Board Game has come to Kickstarter.


The premise involves one to five players taking on the role of teenagers investigating The Loop, which is described as ‘a huge underground science facility with strange effects on the suburban landscapes around it’. As teenagers, players will have to take into consideration aspects like school, and chores.


Within each turn your actions are integrated, so there’s neither downtime nor restriction in cooperating with your fellow players. There are four scenarios in the game (though more can be unlocked in stretch goals) and gameplay time is 90-150 minutes. As part of the pledge you chose, you can also unlock painted miniatures of the machines, sculpted and manufactured by Dust Studios. 


It’s the Wolfenstein of Scandinavia, essentially asking what if this had happened rather than this. In this case, what if technology had invaded the tranquil landscape of Scadinavia in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and what if AI, robotics, and magnetrine development were more advanced in this time, with teenagers left to investigate.


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In a nice bonus, Free League Publishing has also provided the game at no cost as a print and play version. Whilst cautioning this to be only the prototype with feedback appreciated, being able to play at home with minimal equipment is very much welcome at this time of being stuck inside.


You can check out the full game, and print and play by clicking here to view the Kickstarter for Tales From The Loop – The Board Game.




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