Open Day goes Virtual for Mantic!

27 April 2020
All of the games, none of the travel time

Every year, Mantic offer an Open Day at their HQ, as a chance to meet the mantic fans, have a chat, and play some games. Lovely! Of course this year, with the circumstances as they are, Mantic was forced to cancel their usual plans.


Have no fear, however! For Mantic have come through, and instead they’re hosting a Virtual Open Day on Saturday 9th May 2020! This gives even more people the chance to join in from wherever they are. And even better – it’s free to attend!


You’ll have a great choice of things to do, in line with what you could have experienced at the physical open day. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to see live streams of games, an ‘infamous’ Ronnie Q&A, Needy Cat Games’ seminar on Games Designs 101, live sculpting sessions, plus some special offers.


They’ve also confirmed that they’ll be unveiling new models, such as the (currently in progress) Asterian Spectra (below) and more. That’s not all though, so we’re excited to see what might be in store.



Mantic have been super responsive to the COVID-19 lockdown, offering a free expansion for the Walking Dead: All Out War, called No one Stands Alone, as well as free rules for Kings of War: Third Edition, and a free adventure game book in Dungeon Saga: Rise of the Shadow King Adventure Game Book; as well as the above Virtual Open Day.

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There’s no news yet as to how to sign up and join, but a promise that there’ll be more information throughout next week, and all the details you’ll need.

For now though, Don’t forget to pop Saturday 9th May 2020 in your diary, and we’ll see what Mantic has to offer us!






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