More freebies from Mantic!

17 April 2020
War! Huh! What is it good for, absolutely nothing (Except maybe wargaming?)

It’s a pleasing time for our wallets with the amount of freebies being offered to our community, and Mantic this time are weighing in. First, they gave us a free expansion for the Walking Dead: All Out War, called No one Stands Alone, and now they’re back to offer free rules for Kings of War: Third Edition.


We’ve praised Kings of War in the past for their clear rules, so this is a fun move for Mantic to offer us a taster of games we may not have tried.


The full game became available to us in October. In general, Kings of War encapsulates the mass combat fantasy miniatures and games, and it is self proclaimed as ‘the biggest and best’. In this free rules sampler, you’ll have a play time of about an hour, in which you’ll learn the core gameplay, and try out your battle tactics using two sample armies: Dwarfs and Orcs.


These two armies were picked specifically as are ones that many have in their miniature collection, so is playable by a wider base. They’ve also offered a guide to the armies of Kings of War since. As they’ve said, lockdown is a great time to expand that collection if you find yourself taken by the game.


In fact, they’re confident doing so may (or may not) result in the following experience when you emerge from lockdown:


‘People will be amazed by your achievement and will worship you like some sort of hobby god, as they gaze in slack-jawed wonder at your fully painted army*’

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Well, if that happens, we want to know about it! Check out the free download over on their website.



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