Chris Pine Cast in Dungeons & Dragons Film

15 December 2020
From Space to Dungeons

After a somewhat disastrous Dungeons & Dragons film in 2000, it was cautiously welcome news that a new Dungeons & Dragons film was in the works, though it was announced some years ago. There's been a lot of backwards and forwards with the confirmation and creation of the film, not helped at all with the ongoing pandemic restrictions, but real and confident steps are being taken towards its existence, allowing us to be a little more excited about it with each one. 

The newest announcement is that Chris Pine, of Wonder Woman and Star Trek fame (amongst others, of course) has been cast in the lead role. Though we don't yet know what that is, it's fair to say the budget for this film must be healthy.

That's in addition of course to the previous news that Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley would be directing and writing the film, known for a number of comedy films, but notably Spider-Man: Homecoming. These replaced previous writers and versions, suggesting a little turbulence. However, given the history with Marvel, it's plausible that we'll see a cinematic and engaging Dungeons & Dragons translation to the screen, given the volume and weight with which Marvel did so with their own content. 

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Whilst there are no details being released for the plot itself, and no further casting announcements made (yet), the film will begin shooting within the first quarter of 2021 in Belfast. It's an exciting way to bring Dungeons & Dragons further into mainstream culture, with the hope it won't emulate its predecessor. We'll find out at its cinematic release in May 2022.

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