Tasha's Cauldron of Everything: An Interview with Jeremy Crawford

22 November 2020
She may have everything, but do you know everything?

There's always more to Dungeons & Dragons than you first imagine, and with the new sourcebook out digitally now (and available from tomorrow in physical form in the UK), there comes a shake-up of existing rules, plus of course a few new ones to keep your games interesting. Since its announcement, we've been awaiting more news of how we might grow our characters or DM differently, all of which is included within Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything.

Much like Xanathar's Guide to Everything, offering wisdom and rules from Waterdeep's most infamous crime lord, the alignment ambiguous Tasha, also known as Igwil in D&D lore, will guide us through some big changes. From interactive magical environments (the phrase 'mimic colony' was used in early descriptions, to much excitement... and suspicion), to new spells and sidekick options, to patrons and importantly lineage, the cauldron is certainly deep. 

To get a glimpse of what we can expect to see within it, we spoke to the Lead Rules Designer at Wizards of Coast, Jeremy Crawford, who you may recognise not only from his work on significant prior D&D publications but also within the Unearthed Arcana and Sage Advice, as well as being active over on Twitter. 

We've also compiled in for you some great D&D gift ideas, so that while Tasha can show you everything from her Cauldron, you can make sure your Christmas stocking this year contains everything left!


To begin, can you tell us why Tasha was chosen to be the lead for the book?

Tasha’s backstory is one of the most storied in the D&D multiverse. Adopted daughter of Baba Yaga, archmage, Witch Queen, creator of the Demonomicon—these are just a few of Tasha’s claims to fame. Plus, she is one of the distinguished characters whose name graces a spell in the Player’s Handbook: Tasha’s hideous laughter.

We’ve wanted to feature Tasha for a while, and we thought she could provide some entertainingly wry observations in the latest rules expansion for D&D. We also have more plans for her. Expect to see her marshalling her power and wit again in the future!

The Demonomicon of Iggwilv

Can you tell us more about the lineage options and the steps D&D are taking towards inclusivity?

When making a D&D character, you choose whether your character is a member of the human race or a member of one of the game’s fantastical races—various peoples, such as elves and dwarves, who have magical origins. Your choice of D&D race gives your character various traits, including modifications to your core abilities, like Strength or Wisdom.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything introduces the option for you to customize several of those racial traits, specifically proficiencies, languages, and ability score bonuses. We included this option because we wanted to give players more flexibility when choosing the race/class combination for their characters and to make it easy to disentangle the game’s fantastical peoples from their folkloric assumptions, which are sometimes uncomfortably reminiscent of racial stereotypes in the real world.

We don’t want any D&D group to feel hedged in by stereotypes. Our philosophy is to empower groups to play with and alter long-standing elements of fantasy in ways that are meaningful and joyful for each group.


This book contains more detail on group patrons, can you tell us about your favourite patron and how you expect DMs to use the patron system?

As a DM, my favourite patron is the Ancient Being. There are so many delicious storytelling opportunities if you’re getting your quests from a being who defies mortal limits and whose agenda could affect the entire world. I expect each DM and player will have their own favourite group patron. Whichever patron a group chooses, a patron has the ability to set the tone of the campaign the DM creates. For instance, two groups could be given the same quest, but if one group works for a religious order and the other works for an aristocrat, the two groups are likely to have very different experiences as they embark on that quest.

Image of the Ruler Patron, another patron new from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

How do you think players will react to the new rules for magic environments?

Each supernatural region in the book offers a range of possible experiences, from the sublime to the horrific. D&D groups are in for tons of surprises as they venture into these regions and discover the possibilities. I think many adventures are going to be enhanced by the twists and turns presented in these extraordinary places.


What do you think the players will be most excited about, and what do you think the DM’s will be most excited about?

I predict players will be most excited about the optional class features in the book. In Unearthed Arcana—the playtest series on the D&D website—we presented early versions of those class features, and we got more positive feedback for them than we’ve received on anything else in Unearthed Arcana. Now that the features are in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, players everywhere will be able to add new capabilities to their favourite classes.

As for DMs, I think they will be most excited by the inspiration that the book provides. We made sure to pack the entire book, including the player options, with storytelling nuggets that DMs can use when creating their own D&D stories. On almost any page you turn to in the book, there’s a seed that a DM can nurture into adventure.


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There's always going to be more – Tasha's Cauldron of Everything is 192 pages, so if you want to find out the above PLUS the options for playing as an Artificer, gaining magical tattoos, a ton of new subclasses and more, your best bet is to order your copy. You can pick up yours on Amazon at this link, or you have the opportunity to grab the alternative cover shown as our main image from your friendly local game stores. 



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1. An Adventure Book

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If after that, you've still not had your fill of D&D, you can catch Chillin' with Chris, where our editor Chris spoke to Chris Perkins about the horror planned and within Icewind Dale, plus some secrets are revealed...


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