Marvel Producer signs on for Dungeons & Dragons Film

07 May 2020
D&D fans, Assemble!

If you like something enough, someone will make a film out of it, and frankly, it’s surprising there’s not been an effective Dungeons & Dragons film made before now. With Wizards of Coast announcing their best year for Dungeons & Dragons ever, it seems a great time to bring this fantasy world to the big screen.


To be fair, it’s not that they haven’t tried. And with that, the less said about the Dungeons & Dragons film from the year 2000 the better, as the current IMDb rating sits at 3.6/10. However, we’re still waiting for the genre-defining moment contained in a great film that we can share with D&D and non-D&D’ers alike.


The most recent attempt began in 2015, but was moved to Paramount Pictures, Sweetpea Entertainment, and Allspark Pictures in 2017, with a release date within 2021. This was then moved again, pushing it back further to May 27th 2022 due to COVID-19. Writers were brought on to write the script, with new writers then redrafting or re-writing it. It’s been tumultuous so far, but a big name announcement has been shared that brings hope that it’s firmly on the horizon.


Recently confirmed is the producer and former Marvel Studios executive Jeremy Latcham, – who you may recognise as a producer for Iron Man. He joins Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley to direct and write the film, who were the co-writers of Spider-Man Homecoming.

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Whilst there’s still been no casting announcements, with the COVID-19 delay there’s still time for the film to be pulled out of the bag. Between the three Marvel powerhouses too, it has a great chance of success. We’ll look forward to watching it when it does.


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