Board Gamer’s Guide to Lockdown 2: The Tabletop Gaming Magazine Endurance Kit

05 November 2020
This time, it's gaming

Whilst it came as no surprise, it’s a gloomy four weeks ahead for those of us in the UK heading for our second lockdown. It was all a bit new and different last time, but we’re dab hands at this now.  This time we know we’ve got enough bread, milk, and toilet rolls to last us, so all that's left is for us to retreat to our homes for the next few weeks and wonder what to do with ourselves…

Let us help! We say tabletop gaming can come to your rescue this lockdown, so we've put together an endurance kit to see you through. It’s cold outside anyway, so let’s pop the heating on (or grab a blanket) and let the tabletop offerings offer some relief this November.




That’s today, and you’ve already made the first step to a better lockdown. First up, we’re going to offer you some reading to keep you occupied as the days get darker.

For example, here are a few great features to get you started:

Plus, you can also download our FREE Summer Edition. Certainly, the weather may not match, but it’s full of games and features nevertheless.

And remember, if you like those, we’re a magazine at heart! You can’t go outside, but we can come to you through post or digitally on your smart device or computer, so make sure to check out our subscriptions page for your next MWG or TTG issue – and our latest issue has an exclusive call of Cthulhu scenario too!

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Okay, you got Day One out of the way, which leaves Day Two through to Day 28, but we’ll start with that first week. You’ve picked out your reading by taking out one of our subscriptions, you’ve had a look at some of our features online, and now you’re just looking for a few casual games to play. Now, you need the means to do so.

In which case, check out some of our lists:


For the latter part of the week, it’s arguably your time to relax! In which case, you’re going to want to check out our YouTube Channel for videos you may have missed from us. There’s a ton to choose from, but here’s one to get you started – this is Andrew Kolb talking about the new RPG Neverland:



Week two hits and you’re veering towards halfway through lockdown before you know it.

Maybe this week you’re feeling a little bit crafty, and you’re in that middle ground of knowing how to fill your time. In which case, we’ve got a great collection of Print and Plays for you. The majority are free, and all you’ll need to worry about is getting that printer connected and away (plus some cutting and in rare occasions, sticking, but it’s perfect for an at-home solution), and you’ve potentially got your new favourite game in front of you.


Find our list of Print and Plays here.

Print and plays used to be all about playtesting, but with lockdown in March, there’ve been so many to choose from. That even includes the recently released Under Falling Skies, which started as a solo player print and play, and has now been transformed into a full board game. In fact, we wrote a feature on it with the creator of the game in the latest edition of Tabletop Gaming Magazine. Good job you ordered that copy in week one!


Alternatively, maybe you’re really feeling the craft side, in which case you could consider (if you don’t already) painting some miniatures. There are some readily available starter paint sets to start you off, and we publish a painting guide in every issue. Here, for example, you can check this one out:

This is a painting guide for Critical Role's Vox Machina, to get you started. 



We hate to use the controversial C word, but maybe you’ve already got Christmas on the brain, seeing as it’s looming only a few weeks ahead. Well, that marks a great opportunity for you to check out our game store for a few gifts.

…If some of those gifts happen to be for you, then so be it – you’ve earned it!


First up is the limited stock 12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar – plus, you've also got the option for a kids version, for the mini-gamer in your life too! You'll have to act fast though, because once they're gone, they're gone. 

If you're looking for just a few though, our top picks from the game store are the innuit based stacking game Tuki, which sees you assemble shapes that stay standing as quickly as you can, and is great for 1-4 players. Then there’s Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, a game to sink your teeth into and pass the time, for 2-6 players. And if you’re also entertaining children, a great option for a family game is The Colour Monster, which will help children identify, and subsequently articulate their feelings.

Plus, there’s always the chance for a tentacle filled afternoon or two, with the newly in stock Call of Cthulhu Starter Set – often brought up as one of the better starter kits available, and allowing you to get your Lovecraft fix at the same time. Which leads me on to…




Now, if not before, is the time for arranging those zoom calls. We’re pro at this now – changing the background, muting ourselves when someone else speaks, ensuring the camera isn’t pointed up our nostrils, and/or remembering to wrap up the conversation within 40 minutes and then begin again for the free version (Zoom users know!).

Only this time, you could absolutely make the most of that Call of Cthulhu Starter Set you bought last week, because we’ve got some great tips for you:

Taking it online: Playing RPGs over the internet

RPG’s are possibly the easiest translation to an online platform, but not only that, weekly or regular meetings with friends gives you that little bit of normality and something great to look forward to. If you’ve seen the above article but want to see how this is done, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or evening could be to check out How We Roll with their one-shot On The Night bus, which they did for Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live 2020.


You may have seen when you looked at the game store last week that we’ve got a whole section on RPG’s, so if Dungeons and Dragons is more your thing (or any of our other RPGs available!), grab your next favourite adventure to last you until the end of lockdown and beyond. Plus, we have a little advice if you want to get into the game for the very first time!



And if all else fails, and you’ve got at least one adult in the house, we’ve got one final list for you:

Top 20 Two-Player Games for being Stuck Inside!



What do you think to our list? Get in touch! We love to hear from you, and love to talk about tabletop games. You can find us over on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and we can't wait to hear from you. 


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