Tabletop Gaming Magazine Summer Holiday Special 2020

Ready for the summer? Ready for games? You're in the right place!


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We were asked by Kris Griffin from Ormiston Forge Academy if we could provide some guidance and games for students during the summer holidays. Especially those which might introduce a few new kind of analogue gaming experiences to families – after all, there’s more to board games than Monopoly and Pictionary.


So we’ve put together a summer issue mini-mag to get everyone started.


What’s in it?


  • 32 Pages of games, rulesets and advice
  • 19 FREE(ish) games
  • An introduction to Dungeons & Dragons (and RPGs more generally)
  • Rules for a mythological skirmish game
  • Advice for parents about creating board gaming families
  • Our five favourite digital board games
  • And some tips for getting started


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We hope you enjoy this mini-mag. If you can help by spreading the word and getting it into more schools, we might convert a few more 11-16 year olds to the world of analogue gaming.


What can you do with it?


  • Read it
  • Play it
  • Print it (or at least, get some of the files from it and print those)
  • Share it


Share this digital issue with whoever you like. If you know a school, educational institution or academy who might find this useful, and who might like to distribute it to parents, feel free to pass it on. We’d love to hear from schools and clubs that have received the mini-mag!


Get your free Summer Holiday Issue here

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For those who just want to dive in to free stuff, we recommend getting started with the Asmodee Print and Play site or our own list of print and plays, which can be found here.