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Tabletop Gaming Live

Victoria Warehouse, Manchester 17th - 18th September 2022

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Open Gaming 


We can't be alone in thinking that not much beats gathering round a table with our favourite gaming buddies, playing games into the night, with a cold refeshing drink nearby. Heaven!

With that in mind, the Open Gaming area will be open from 9am Saturday morning, until Midnight on Saturday night. Play the games purchased from exhibitors attending the show or borrow a game from the Board Game Library, sponsored and provided by Manchester-based Dungeons & Flagons - visit their website here to find out more about their Games Nights

There's no need to leave the venue all day - food will be available to purchase from our street food vendors, visit the bar for your beverage of choice and play well into the night! 

The Open Gaming and Board Game Library will be up and rolling again on Sunday from 10am-close so grab a buddy (or three), and come down to Tabletop Gaming Live!

The Dungeons & Flagons Games Library has hot, hard-to-get-your-hands-on releases like Ark Nova, family games like What Next and those big, all-day-event games like Zombicide, Horizon Zero Dawn and War of the Ring. It’s a great chance to take a quick break, or really dive in to an all-day campaign. 

Please note, a refundable cash deposit of just £5 per game, per day, is required when borrowing a game from the Board Game Library.

Tabletop Gaming Live is sponsored by:

Warlord Games