DroPolter Game Review

15 May 2024
DroPolter is a tiny dexterity game from Oink Games, seeing you try to drop the right items from your hand without losing any in the process – and quicker than your opponents can!

Written by Charlie Pettit

“Is this even a game?” my partner scoffed when I pulled out DroPolter for a board game evening. Admittedly, when you open DroPolter, it looks a little…eclectic. There are a few cards packed into that tiny packaging, and then an assortment of random junk. There’s a bag of tiny bells, little plastic sea shells, see through rings that would have been a staple of a child's jewellery box, amongst others. And yet, like some weird recipe (let’s be honest, one you would get off TikTok where strange combinations merrily reside), it all cooks into one incredibly fun game.

What is DroPolter

The premise is in the name – ”Drop” and “Poltergeist”. Players are going to gather a selection of items into their hand. When you overturn a card, you’ll need to quickly drop the items shown on the card. The thing is, you’re doing it from just the one hand, and you’ll quickly realise that it’s easier said than done. Sure, the bigger pieces are easy enough to drop, but when you’re trying to get that pesky shell down and… OH THERE GOES THE CLOUD.

You’re aiming to be the quickest to drop the right items without any extras, and doing so wins you a bell. The win condition is to pick up five bells, but of course, the bells get added to your hand. So now you’re trying to negotiate dropping the ring, the shell, managing to keep hold of the cloud and… THERE GOES THE BELL.

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Why is DroPolter Good?

Listening to the verbalising of concentration is hilarious. I am the swearer of the group, cursing the items that feel impossible to manoeuvre, where my groups have also included gigglers, silent fury, reckless abandon, and more. It’s so incredible to watch a simple concept – “drop things” – become a bonkers competition against the clock that has you reaching back for it as a perfect palette cleanser between games multiple times of an evening.

Game for Occupational Therapy

Since its release, we’ve also heard of an additional benefit, which is within occupational therapy. It works beautifully in encouraging movement in hands in a way that doesn’t feel uncomfortable or strange, which helps with the resultant dexterity. Whilst that won’t benefit everyone, it’s certainly made me consider a wider audience for it, and its ease to understand how to play only adds to that.

Small Bag Game

Oink Games (the makers of DroPolter) really excels in games that are small but pack a punch, and this is absolutely one of those. I’ve carried around DroPolter in my bag since that first play. Every coffee meet up I’ve gone to, every family gathering, every meeting, it’s accompanied me, because I’m confident literally any gamer (or not) can play. It’s so conveniently sized, so quick to teach, and you get so much fun back out of it. I’m always a fan of dexterity games, and rarely believe they get their due, but this one has really got me. Those sneaky little ghosts have charmed me into calling this a Must Play game. Not bad, for a “is this even a game?” first impression.

Should you play DroPolter?

We're calling it a Must Play game. Giving it anything other than a must-play for a game that has offered me so much joy for the sake of joy would be nonsense.

You should try this this if you liked Tinderblox – It’s a different kind of dexterity game, but fills you with the same kind of joy.

What's In DroPolter?

  • 5 Sets of 5 items
  • 30 Theme cards
  • Game manual
  • 21 Bells
  • Ghost piece

Designer: Paul Schulz

Publisher: Oink Games

Time: 20minutes

Players: 2-4

Ages: 6+

Price: £20


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