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27 July 2021
Hear from the accidental chess expert

We talk to Tabletop Gaming’s accidental chess expert, Matthew Vernall about Chess, chess variants, and games that are a bit like chess. Join us for our first external in-person podcast since the before times and experience the slight echo of Chris’ dining room. You’ll learn a lot about chess, and also understand what we mean when we say “bong cloud opening” and “queens go free”.

We discuss Chris McDowall’s d100 chess variants, which can be found here, where we pick some at random and review them.

We also take a diversion into Matthew’s recently played pile, including Pandemic Legacy Season 0 and mech based RPG Lancer.

We make some Spiel des Jahres predictions which ended up being completely wrong, but don’t we sound confident?

Games discussed: Chess, Oh My Goods!, Seven Bridges, Root, Hive, Star Realms, Unmatched, Paris La Cite De Lumiere, Patchwork, Millennium Blades, Botanik and Thrive.

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