Pre-orders open for Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire

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10 June 2020
Empires here, there, and everywhere!

Portal Games told us recently that they were having to delay some of their games as a result of COVID-19, but thankfully that didn’t include all games, and you’re able now to pre-order Rise of the Empire, the expansion to the ever-popular Imperial Settlers.


This will introduce a new game mode to proceedings: the Open World campaign. You’ll need to go quickly through every era, but you don’t always play with the same players, and your empires can be in different eras at different stages. It’s all possible because the game will naturally scale, between players on different game terms, because managing the bigger empires is more difficult, and it’s all about the management. You do, of course, need Imperial Settlers to play the expansion


There are 3 consecutive eras for Empires – Ancient Era, Middle ages, Industrial Era. When you reach the end of the Industrial Era means entering the Modern Era and completing the campaign. There’s also a race to complete the quests that you’ll receive, as at the close of each game, players will progress on tracks related to the quests. There is loads to think about and manage in this game.


Of course it’s not the first expansion, and we doubt it’ll be the last! These are usually fun games to play, and in fact we reviewed Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, which you can check out here.

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The game is for ages 10+, between one and four players, and it’ll take between 45 minutes and 90 minutes to play. The box itself contains 163 cards, 66 innovations, 48 empire sheets, 12 quest markers, 32 progress tokens, and of course, a rulebook. There’s benefit to pre-ordering too, you’ll receive 4 inter-imperial organisation tiles, and 6 memorial postcards. It’s due for release in July 2020, and can be pre-ordered from the website for €25 currently (though RRP is €36).



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