Exclusive Disney Lorcana Card Reveal Ahead of Ursula's Return!

03 May 2024
With Disney Lorcana releasing Ursula’s Return imminently, we’ve been delighted to take an exclusive early look at a brand new card. May we introduce you to… Prince Philip.

The Disney Lorcana card game by Ravensburger is in hot demand at the moment, blending what we love about trading card games with the magic of Disney animations too. If you’ve been perusing the Disney Lorcana card lists to make your perfect deck, be prepared to add in a brand new Sapphire card, with Prince Philip, Gallant Defender.

New Disney Lorcana Card

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Prince Phillip – Gallant Defender is a Sapphire rare card, coming in at 152/204. It’s illustrated by Mike Parker, who we’ve only seen in the past illustrating Lyle Tiberius Rourke – Cunning Mercenary (from Atlantis). It shows the iconic moment of Prince Philip racing up the stairs, sword and shield held high for Sleeping Beauty– with a few alterations, namely a very Sapphire ink themed shield and floor, and a less thorny window. You can find a lot of these nods in Disney Lorcana – in fact we have a whole article on the fun things hidden in Lorcana card artwork!

Prince Phillip - Gallant Defender

Mechanically, Prince Phillip – Gallant Defender is a 3 cost card, but is inkable if needed. He’s offering a willpower of 3, and a strength of 1, which aren’t huge stats when you’re playing, but it’s his abilities that set him apart. 

Prince Phillip has both Support, and Best Defence. In this case, when Philip quests he can select another character – Support means that that character will benefit from Philip’s Strength (1), but that character will also receive Resist +1, which means the damage dealt to them is reduced by one. Suddenly, that chosen character is both stronger and more defensive.

All that is to say, you’ll likely want to prioritise questing for Lore with Prince Philip, which is great, because he’s also offering two lore for quests. 

Sleeping Beauty Disney Lorcana Deck

Of course, a chunk of Disney Lorcana fun is combining the game with a love of Disney, and there are plenty of opportunities to build decks around either your favourite characters or franchises. Here are a few of the cards within the Sleeping Beauty world to get you started…

Sapphire Sleeping Beauty

We currently have four Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) cards in play, all of which are Sapphire like Prince Philip – Gallant Defender. These range from an enchanted (Dreaming Guardian, who offers Ward to other characters), down to Regal Princess, a 2 Cost card which quests for 2. 

There are also two Maleficent’s in Sapphire – Sinister Visitor and Uninvited, both offering high lore for quests.

Amber Sleeping Beauty

Of course, Prince Philip has seen Disney Lorcana before, with an Amber Prince Philip- Dragonslayer that lets you quest for two lore and has a Heroism ability that reads “when this character challenges and is banished, you may banish the challenged character”. 

Ruby Sleeping Beauty

Recognise the Ruby Shield of Virtue? This item prevents a character from questing, and behind that shield is our friend Prince Philip. There’s also a Maleficent card, a powerful 9 cost card that banishes a player when the card is played and boasts 7 strengths and 5 willpower. 

Amethyst Sleeping Beauty

Diablo – Faithful Pet is another Amethyst addition, a 1 cost card that lets you look at the top card of your deck when Maleficent is played. Speaking of which…

There are three Maleficent variants in Amethyst, from a 1 cost Biding her Time, to a 5 cost Mistress of All Evil. In fact, we gave the exclusive on Maleficent, Mistress of Evil on the previous set! Add this to Forbidden Mountain (Maleficent’s Castle) as a Location, and Bestow a Gift with an Action that lets you move damage counters from yours to anothers, and it’s fair to say most Sleeping Beauty themed cards reside in Amethyst. 

Ursula’s Return Set

The new card is part of Ursula’s Return, a brand new set launching in game stores on the 17th May, and 31st May for general release. You’ll be able to pick it up in ways we’re familiar with, such as Starter Decks, Booster Packs, Illumineers Troves and with assorted accessories, namely card sleeves, deck boxes, and playmats. The difference with this set is the Illumineer’s Quest Deep Trouble, a solo mission or a cooperative opportunity to take down Ursula in a game. It offers four difficulty levels, for two players innately, or up to four with additional decks.

We’ll also look forward to the Disney Lorcana challenge, which is the competitive event circuit for Disney Lorcana, launching from May 25th with some exclusive prizes. It's not just for seasoned pro's, beginners are always welcome, and you'll find plenty of guides on how to play Lorcana around.  Sounds like time to start planning that perfect deck!


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