Exclusive Disney Lorcana Enchanted Card Reveal

14 February 2024
A brand new Enchanted card from Disney Lorcana's Into the Inklands – and we've got the sneak peak at a brand new Maleficent Card

Disney Lorcana is showing no signs of slowing down, and ahead of the brand new set release, we've been given an exciting new card – The Maleficent – Mistress of All Evil card, never seen before, from Ravensburger, the publishers of the game. 

New Disney Lorcana Card

Maleficent– Mistress of All Evil is a stellar new enchanted card, at 209 of the 204 set. Players of the game will note that it costs Five to play, making it a semi-high cost card to use, but certainly achievable particularly after a few rounds of clever play. With that however, you're gaining two every time you quest, and plus some bonuses on the card itself (See below). 

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Dark Knowledge

Reading "Whenever this character quests, you may draw a card". In many trading card games, there's a difficulty in pulling more cards from the deck, and Disney Lorcana is no different, as you can play a single card every deck for ability to play more cards. As you can the also play those cards – and draw only one card from the deck – you can end up with a diminishing hand very quickly. Cards that help this are desirable, and whilst you're gaining two Lore, you're also getting an extra card – brilliant. 


Divination reads that "During your turn, whenever you draw a card, you may move 1 damage counter from chosen character to chosen opposing character", which in itself is a powerful opportunity to decrease damage, and either on the card itself or on others, and equally place this on other characters, rather than having to use up your opportunity to quest to do so, is powerful. Combined with gaining new cards, and two lore, it's a strong opportunity. 

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Drawbacks to Playing Maleficent

Ultimately, to balance the card there has to be a drawback to it, and in this case it's 2/3 means that it's easily removed from the game by opponents – who will likely want to target it for the very reason that it's such a good card. If you're able to combine it with more defensive opportunities, or one that will increase your hand in a very short period of time, it can be well worth bringing out, but it's unlikely to stay in play for long. 

When is Into The Inklands Out?

You can find Into the Inklands in game stores from 23rd February, and general retail two weeks after. If you're enjoying the game, don't miss out on the competition announcements either, where you could perhaps feature this card in your competitive deck, as well as a number of exciting launches for 2024. 

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