First Look: Ravensburger announce Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway and 2024 Line-Up

17 January 2024
Ravensburger has announced new Disney Lorcana plans and the line-up for 2024 - including dates for the next sets, a first glimpse of Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway, competitive events, and organised play activations.

Disney Lorcana has taken the Trading Card Game world by storm, and is showing no sign of slowing down. Before even the release of its next set – Into the Inklands – comes exciting news for Disney Lorcana 2024. 

When is the Next Disney Lorcana Set Coming Out?

Into the Inklands is the next Disney Lorcana set, which is releasing on 23rd February 2024 in local game stores, and in general mass retail on 8th March 2024. A split release is common for new sets so far, which has been praised for giving our friendly local game stores a much loved boost. The set features a brand new card type – Locations – and will be the biggest shake up to the game so far. 

Although unnamed, the next sets will follow at regular intervals: 

  • Set 4 will be available 17th May 2024 at local game stores, and 31st May 2024 for general retail. 
  • Set 5 will be available 9th August 2024 at local game stores, and 23rd August 2024 for general retail. 
  • Set 6 will be available 15th November 2024 at local game stores, and 29th November for general retail. 

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands product image showing play mats, packs of cards, starter sets, and deck boxes on an orange background

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Competitive Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana Competitions

It's been long awaited, Ravensburger have confirmed the details of the official competitive circuit in North America and Europe from May 2024. Named Disney Lorcana Challenge, the regional events can earn players a qualification to the North American and European Championships. Top players at these events will earn invites to the Disney Lorcana World Championships taking place in early 2025. 

More information on this will be available from March 2024. 

Disney Lorcana Organised Play

Ravensburger aren't new to encouraging players to game in their local game store, having launched the TCG with prizes available in the community league, but have confirmed how they'll be encouraging organised play moving forward  – Set Championships. 

Set Championships for Disney Lorcana are specifically an in-store Organised Play event that can earn players exclusive cards. Starting in April 2024, using the Into the Inklands Set releasing in February, approved locations can host Into the Inklands Championship, with the prize being an exclusive Enchanted Stitch – Rock Star promo card for winners, and top two players will receive a Stitch – Rock Star game mat. We'll expect to see similar set related competitions and exclusive cards for all confirmed sets in 2024. 

How do I start with Disney Lorcana?

Although Disney Lorcana offers Starter Sets, Ravensburger have today announced a brand new way for those learning how to play to do so, with Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway. The entry level product will be a progressive learn to play experience two players, suitable those unfamiliar with the game or with TCGs in general, allowing players to have built two standard fully playable Disney Lorcana decks by completion, that can be used to play in future. Inside the box will be character standees, rules, player guides, and additional decks as part of rewards for learning different card types and game play. Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway has a release date of 9th August, and will cost £22.99 for players aged 8+.



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