Easter Eggs and Hidden Details In Disney Lorcana

27 March 2024
Disney Lorcana is full of gorgeous art, but with so many cards to play with, it's easy to miss fun little details or quirks within the set. From Hidden Mickeys to character nods, we've got a few of our favourites

Whether you play Disney Lorcana or not, it's hard to escape the fun of it. Beautiful all new artwork commissioned for hundreds of cards, showing both our favourite characters and scenes, and all new versions of them as they traverse the Inklands. Don't get too distracted hunting Lore though, or you might miss some of the fun aspects buried within the cards themselves.


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Hidden Mickey's in Disney Lorcana

Disney fans will probably be familiar with the concept of Hidden Mickey's, which are exactly as you expect – tiny little three circles blended within the scenery, sometimes obvious, sometimes difficult to find, and some questionable at best. There are plenty of Hidden Mickey's in Disney Lorcana cards – the question is, can you find one in every card? Well you should, because the back of every card contains one – simply complete the circles in the top corners, and you'll find it yourself!

As a bonus one – there's also a tiny additional corner triangle marked on the back of the card, which was confirmed to a nod to the Ravensburger blue corner logo. Who knew?

Ink Within the Cards

Ever wondered how the type of ink affects the characters themselves? With Saphire, Ruby, Amber, Steel and more, we know that the style of play depends on the colour assoicated. Some are more aggression led, some are more card cycling. Whilst that ties into the lore, had you ever looked at how the ink is physically represented? Hades for example, embodies his Amber Ink in separate places on his card. Take a look at the detail on his throne, the clip on his robe, and the clouds themselves. Remind you of anything? There are tiny easter eggs of the ink style within a ton of the cards. Which is your favourite?

Thematic Fun

Gaston's Plan

Gaston's Card in Disney Lorcana is really fun, but did you look at the actual doodles on the back? Gaston can't read, so he needs to plot out his attack on the Beast's castle on the blackboard behind him.

101 Dalmations – 5 Puppies up to 99 times

A really fun quirk of Into the Inklands are the puppies. There are 5 different variants of the Dalmation Puppy card, which are exactly the same within the game, but are a nod to the many different puppies. They have the same number, but are a/b/c etc. These can also be put into the deck up to 99 times – you must have a minimum of 60 cards in your deck, but more is fine – which, if you were to combine with Pongo and Perdy, would have you at 101 Dalmations. If that's not thematically satisfying, I don't know what is. Good doggo. 

Heihei's Tattoo's

The fabulous Heihei of Moana has always been the fool character, but the art on this card is astonishing. If you take a closer look though at the wing? There lies Maui's tattoos too. 

Ariel's Voice

The Ariel on Human legs card is fun, for one smile raising reason. When Ariel is a human of course, she has no voice, and so instead of the quote that's written at the bottom of every card from the character (or the Lorcana version of the character at least), we're presented simply with "...". She can't sing songs either – it's all tying together now...

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