Free Warhammer Miniatures When Stores Reopen

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06 November 2020
Plus coins and paint deals too!

In an attempt to encourage people back into the local Warhammer Stores, comes the announcements of new incentives to do so – and they're pretty tasty, to be fair. 

Of course, at the moment the UK has just entered into Lockdown 2, meaning non-essential shops have had to close. And whilst us hobbyists may have an argument that Warhammer is essential, stores won't be opening until December, should it be safe to do so, there's an incentive for us when shops do reopen. 

The incentive comes in three forms, but the headline act is the free model, every single month! To get the model, all you have to do is ask (literally) in-store, and you'll be given one while stocks last. It's a great opportunity to get a model that's a little different, or even to encourage a friend to try their hand and gain their first model. 

The November model is of Witch Aelves, however, Warhammer has confirmed that whilst the stores are closed for November, all of it will be available when it's safe to open, and you'll have the chance to catch up too. For example, should you head to the store in December, you may be able to get both the November and December models. 


In addition to this, there'll also be collectable coins, which will be free with purchases over £60, and after six coins you cal also claim a free booklet to display them in. 

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The final offer to tempt you back into stores is a Pick 'n' Mix paint set. You pick any ten pots from the Citadel colour range, and your most expensive colour will be free.

The offers technically begin November 7th 2020, but as before, will be available from when the stores are in a safe position to reopen for you to visit.

We can also offer some advice on how to get through lockdown! Firstly we've created a Lockdown Kit to help you plan your time, but if you're looking for something a little more Warhammer themed, we've got some film recommendations that you may like, to help you pass the time until lockdown ends. 



Hi, England is in lockdown 2. Warhammer fans in Scotland, Wales and NI will be able to visit their local GW stores. :)

Posted by Andrew Girdwood on Fri 06 Nov 11:24:56