Blood Rage Digital Launches May 27th with Pre-Orders Open Now

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12 May 2020
It's time to channel your inner Viking

The monumental trilogy of games by Eric Lang, beginning with Blood Rage, continuing with Rising Sun, and closing with Ankh: Gods of Egypt, concluded to great success on Kickstarter with the latter game inspiring 23,386 backers to pledge a total of $3,320,196. Whilst you may worry the end of the trilogy marks the end of the games, you’ll be pleased to be mistaken, as Blood Rage Digital is due to launch on May 27th 2020. 


You may have seen the Kickstarter for this posted last year, but if you missed it, pre-orders for the game available on Steam (PC and Mac), are open. Choose to pre-order rather than wait for the release, and you’ll gain a 10% discount, as well as the Mythical Monsters DLC, and the official digital soundtrack. 


The game itself is described as a faithful adaptation of the popular game. You’ll play one of the seven ancient Viking clans, and will try to achieve the most amount of glory before the arrival of Ragnorok. You might do this by invading Midgard, by crushing other clans, fulfilling quests, or dying gloriously. It sounds suitably brutal for the Norse inspired game, and follows the same hunger for battle as the original tabletop game. 


The original miniatures of the game have been digitised into the units you’ll use, and you’ll choose your cards at the beginning of each age. Your gods will have different features, and you’ll need to pick carefully. This version allows you to play with up to five players, with the ‘5th Player expansion’ being available in the digital edition for no additional charge. 


Released through Asmodee Digital, you can pre-order the game now.

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