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The Party RPG

As recommended in Issue 52 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine!

The Party RPG: The Rise of Burden Bluggerbuckle smashes together tabletop role-playing games and party games to create a Frankenstein’s monster of fun. It’s a crazy, wild adventure where you can become anyone – or anything – for a few hours.

You play just like you would a board game – around a table with friends.

Create your own fantasy character and embark on an epic adventure across the Great Plains. On your quest you’ll fight in intense battles, overcome the wild and challenging environment of the Plains, and play laugh-out-loud party games as you improve and upgrade your character to prepare for the final showdown with Burden Bluggerbuckle, a grief-stricken orc on a murderous rampage.

All of this adventure is only £18.99!

Buy a copy today for the chance to get written into the next quest!

Want to learn more? Join the Party RPG creator on Discord between 14:30 and 16:00 on each day of the Spring Showcase to ask any question you like.  Simply click here!