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How to play


If you’ve never played a role-playing game, this is the perfect game to start with. It’s simple, easy to learn, and super fun.

First, you create your own character using the Player Character Sheets provided. There’s no rules for what kind of character you can be, so let your imagination run wild. Be a human, an orc, an elf, a goblin, a dwarf, a unicorn. Whatever!

Then you start playing in three simple steps:


You assign a player, called the Games Master, to read The Party RPG book (you can alternate games masters at each location). The book describes the challenges you face, including broken bridges, goblin minefields, fights with power-hungry orcs and dragons, and laugh-out-loud party games. 



Once you've listened to the challenge, you and your Squad discuss potential solutions to the problem at hand.
These solutions can be super crazy or very sensible. It's up to you. Just remember, the crazier the idea, the funnier the outcome.
Don't worry if you struggle to be creative, we've added plenty of hints and tips to help you have a great time. 



After you've imagined your solution, you roll dice to see if your proposed action is successful.


And that’s pretty much it.

Easy, huh?

Ready to buy the game? Of course you are!

£18.99 – buy it here.