Wonderland – Print and Play offered by Renegade

14 April 2020
How did you know it was our Unbirthday?

In the time where Print and Play is King, Renegade Game Studios have been embracing #FreeContentFriday over on Twitter. Starting with content supplements for Overlight and Icarus, its most recent content gift was previously an International Tabletop Day 2018 exclusive. Inspired by the tales of Alice in Wonderland, it is offering a print and play of Wonderland.


Wonderland is a two player card game for ages 14+, playing as either Alice or the Red Queen. You’ll take turns placing cards in a six by six grid to earn points. Cards laid can affect cards next to them, increasing or decreasing points as you go, so you’ll need to take note of the magic items you use. There are potions, magic items, and of course cake! To win, it’s simply the player with the most points, at the ends of two rounds.


As a nice extra, you’re also able to expand the game further, as you’re provided with Wonder cards and additional rules to keep you occupied.


The game is by Daniel Solis, with the artwork by Beth Sobel. A pleasing part of this game is the artwork itself, which encapsulates the feeling of a wonderland. It may be however that you’ll need a nice printer to appreciate the detail in this, as some of the cards are a little dark. Having said that, the game is quick and fun to play, so worth a try regardless.


You can find Wonderland by clicking here.

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 Let us know your thoughts over on our social media if you’ve played or are playing this one!


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