Weekly Kickstarter Round Up: Wednesday 11th November 2020

11 November 2020
Here's what you may have missed this week!

Arkenshield - The Gates of Thy´an

Turn-based deck building opportunity to discover the world of Thaera - from the story of the Legend of Arkenshield. You're leading an expedition into the frozen North, where scouts have ventured but never returned... 

Is it funded? No

What’s the pledge to get a copy? €49 (about £44)

When does it end? November 30 2020

Where is it? Plan your next adventure

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We've talked about this a few times recently, so it's exciting to see this go live! Bardsung is a mixture of roleplaying games and board games, with a huge 50+ hour campaign inspired by dungeon-crawling classics - for one to five players. You're going to forge your path to become worthy of song, and you'll do so in Bardsung. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £75 

When does it end? November 27th 2020

Where is it? Become worthy of song


The Detective Society: Season Two

If, like those of us in the UK, you're currently under lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19, it's easy to appreciate receiving exciting post, and The Detective Society is a stream of mysterious packages sent to your door, full of mystery and intrigue for you to try to solve the mystery, where you'll also use technology to talk to the characters themselves...

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £28 (and free delivery)

When does it end? December 3rd 2020

Where is it? Magnifying glass at the ready Watson, we're solving mysteries!


Star Scrappers: Orbital 

This game will see you competing against rival corporations and becoming a space commander, in this card game designed by Jacob Fryxelius (of Terraforming Mars), in a space western universe. It's for 1-5 players, so you can play solo if lockdown continues, and you'll get a mini expansion called Envoys if you decide to back. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? €32 (about £28)

When does it end? November 21st 2020 

Where is it? Cards at the ready, it's time to take your place as Space Commander!

A Mystery Adventure Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe for 5e

The title of this Kickstarter leaves little to the imagination but is in fact an RPG named Before The Stroke of Midnight, with The Black Ravens Compendium, as a level 9 adventure for 5E, thought is scalable. Inspired by the gothic work of Edgar Allen Poe, where you'll need to solve the murder of Duchess Rose Blackraven of Shieldsborg Castle. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £15

When does it end? December 3 2020

Where is it? It may all be happening at Shieldsborg Castle, but you'll need to head to Kickstarter to pledge


Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities 

A big box expansion for the game Atlantis Rising, where you'll need to save Atlantis, not only from its sinking but also from the monsters the gods have unleashed to prevent you. You can pick up the standard base game, PLUS the Monstrosities expansion within this Kickstarter,

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $29 (about £22 for the base game)

When does it end? November 21nd 2020

Where is it? Can you save Atlantis?

Crack the Code

Your network has been compromised, but you're a team of hackers so it's off to work restoring the program! There' only so many commands before the network is corrupted and the program terminates, so you're going to have to be fast and accurate. To do so, you'll reveal command cards and use them to move data marbles to make a pattern. You'll all need the right code to win the game.

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $24 (about £19)

When does it end? November 22nd 2020

Where is it? Crack the Code over on Kickstarter


Orbital Dice: Click-Clack Custodians

In a departure from the usual dice we like to include in KS round ups where possible, we've got their custodians instead, with this Kickstarter from Orbital Dice. There's a number of different styles to choose from, and whilst it's fair to say there may be a cost for shipping (as it originates in Canada), there is an option for an STL file, so you can print your own!

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? CA$20 (About £12 for a physical one, but STL files are available too)

When does it end? December 6 2020

Where is it? Protect your click-clacks over on Kickstarter


Rift Knights

Knights vs Demons, what's not to love? The knights must protect the elders, who in turn protect the seal, but during the winter solstice, the seal weakens to allow a few demons through - time, of course, for the sacred knights to step up and prevent them coming any further into our world. It's an asymmetrical game for 2-6 players.

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $50 (About £38)

When does it end? November 23rd 2020

Where is it? Protect the elders, and fend off the demons until dawn


Ever thought about making your own game, or just interested in those who do? We heard from a number of game designers at our Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live event this year, and you can still watch the videos they made! Check out our playlist below, beginning with the top three tips for Wargame design from Joseph McCullough



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