More on Bardsung: Contents and Kickstarter Details Revealed

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06 November 2020
And not long to wait!

In a brief update, Steamforged Games has confirmed a little extra about their newest venture, Bardsung. 

Bardsung is a brand new dungeon exploring RPG board game from Steamforged Games, that offers the chance of heroism worthy of songs. In it, you'll spend over 50 hours building dungeons, creating your heroes (with multiclassing!), collecting and using your treasure wisely.

In short, it's your chance as they say to: "Inspire the songs, Live your legend, Become Bardsung"

And now they tell us a little more, as we have confirmation that Bardsung will be on Kickstarter from November 10th 2020, at 18:00 GMT. You can click to be notified on launch by heading to their page now. 

Details have only been provided of a single pledge, which is the Hero pledge, at $99 (about £76). For this, backers will receive 66 high-quality miniatures (made up of five heroes, 52 enemies, five wandering monsters and four bosses AND one Kickstarter exclusive hero), the important rulebook, adventure bok, a paper playmat, dice, 795 cards across 11 decks, tokens, 29 dungeon tiles, 4 player dashboards, plus the stretch goals - of which, the Kickstarter Exclusive Gladestrider Hero has already been unlocked!

Real pride is being taken in its miniatures too, with the final boss of Bardsung being a formidable demon over 6 inches tall, with its wings an 8.3 inch wingspan

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We shared only last week the impressive line up of writers they have lined up, with Rhianna Pratchett writing the campaign and adventures, with additional adventures being written by Sara Thompson and Ian Livingstone, so there's a lot going for this campaign. We'll await its launch next week, on November 10th 2020. 



For an extra chance to bask in Ian Livingstone's glory, you can check out the seminar he did at Tabletop Gaming Live in 2019:

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