Trade in Your Old Games for Discount with Big Potato Games

02 July 2021
The great board game trade in

If games are gathering dust on your shelf, but you're not sure what to do with them, a great option is now being offered by Big Potato Games, in The Great Board Game Trade-In, a UK wide scheme with over 60 independent retailers taking part. 

The premise is simple - you bring in your dusty games to a participating retailer, and you gain 20% off of the price of a Big Potato Game within the store (ie, Obama Llama, the Chameleon, Blockbuster, etc). The game you dropped off, will then be recycled - and donated to local charities or community groups. All the while, you're increasing the visitorship to your FLGS too, all whilst potentially picking up a really fun game in exchange for an unused one. Feels like a win-win scenario. 

Laura Crumbley and Hannah Cornish of Big Potato have been quoted as saying: “We wanted to do something to support our fantastic independent stores, who’ve been forced to shut up shop for the best part of a year. With the Great Board Game Trade-In, we can help drive footfall to the store, whilst giving board games to organisations that really need them.”

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You can take part in this from Monday 5th July 2021, to the end of August 2021, and retailers can contact Big Potato to join the scheme. 

Wondering if it's your sort of game? Here are some options for you to find out:



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