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Bundle up on Herd Mentality, Top of the Pops, P for Pizza and Blockbuster Returns for one price

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In celebration of all things partying. We've bundled up four Big Potato Games for that next get together! 

You will receive:
Herd Mentality
It starts with a random question, then everyone secretly writes down an answer. If your answer is in the majority, you win cows. But if your answer is the odd one out, you'll land the Pink Cow and your herd will be worthless — unless you can pass it on!

P for Pizza
Each round, players must think of a word that connects the letter to the category, then shout it out before anyone else. The speediest player wins the slice! 

Top of the Pops
The show opens with a quick-fire buzzer round, then it’s an all-out race to describe artists and kazoo songs for your teammates to guess. Time to take a trip down memory lane — it’s Top of the Pops in a box!

Blockbuster Returns
Start off with a head to head challenge, where two players will face off against one another in a quick fire buzzer battle, then move on to the second round a) movie charades challenge with a twist. First team to collect a movie from each genre are the winners and the new Blockbuster big-shots.