The Walking Dead: All Out War – No One Stands Alone FREE Expansion

07 April 2020
‘It’s time to be brave’

Fans of The Walking Dead, rejoice! Mantic are offering an expansion to their popular Walking Dead games, in the form of additional gameplay rules called No One Stands Alone- and the best part is, it’s free!


Those familiar with the core game will know it to be for 1-2 players, following your choice of characters from the best-selling comic series (and later TV series) through the Walker-strewn Atlanta cityscape. You’ll battle using your favourite characters over scarce resources and weapons.


You can see our review of The Walking Dead: All Out War by clicking here.


In the No One Stands Alone expansion, Mantic builds further on the gameplay set out in an earlier expansion named Prelude to Woodbury, and you’ll make use of your collection of miniatures from these games to simulate a Player vs Player battle. It provides new rules to expand the Solo Play element, making it social distancing/ isolation friendly, regardless of your circumstances.

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That does mean that it is necessary to have a copy of the original The Walking Dead: All Out War game, as well as its expansion Prelude to Woodbury, to gain from the expansion, however this would be a welcome addition to any existing fans of these games.


Should you not hold these games, the upside is that Mantic has reduced the price of the core game presently to £19.99, from the £34.99 RRP, and its Prelude to Woodbury Expansion is also reduced to £22.99, in an effort to keep everyone entertained during lockdown.  


 You can find The Walking Dead: All Out War – No One Stands Alone Expansion by Mantic by clicking here.


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