Talisman is getting four new games, including an RPG and expandable card game

18 January 2018
pic332870-99452.jpg Talisman
Series of spin-offs starts with a kids’ game later this year

Games Workshop is celebrating the 35th anniversary of adventure board game Talisman with a series of new games based on the magical quest classic.

Behind the upcoming titles is German publisher Pegasus Spiele, which has announced plans to develop four games set in the fantasy universe.

The first release will be a children’s game designed by The Dwarves creators Lukas Zach and Michael Palm, due out in the latter half of 2018.

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Although release dates and details for the other three titles are yet to be confirmed, Pegasus said that it has plans for a Talisman expandable card game, roleplaying game and dice game.

Games Workshop announced last year that it had plans to revive the series, following its split with long-term publishing partner Fantasy Flight at the beginning of 2017.

Fantasy Flight’s revised fourth edition was the last major iteration of Talisman, published in 2008 before making its way to PC, mobile and consoles as a digital port.

Games Workshop has since announced various spin-offs and revivals of some of its biggest series, including the return of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and a new Age of Sigmar RPG, a Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters game, and even a racing card game set in the grimdark sci-fi universe from the creators of Captain Sonar.


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