Story Machine Games offer Free Print and Play

15 April 2020
Oh, how game creators are spoiling us now!

Though we’ll never leave board games behind, this time has seen us embracing print and play games like never before. More and more creators are offering their popular games, or even brand new games, in print and play format. These are often for free, and just to bring a little more joy to our social distancing.


Story Machine Games is no different, as it says as part of its ‘commitment to gaming and bringing communities together’, you can now download three of its popular games, with a fourth coming Friday.


These include:

  • Roll to Escape, a new version of its game Warden, where you’ll be trying to escape from Alcatraz.
  • Rosetta: The Lost Language, which is a cooperative puzzle game to decipher symbols from lost civilisations. This is also a great opportunity for a preview, as it is due to release as a full game in June 2020
  • 100 Things, a party game about selecting the right object from the clues.
  • Starline Industries (available 17 April 2020), context as yet unknown.


The first does require dice if you have these available, and the second needs additional pen and paper, but otherwise are straightforward to dive right in.


If that wasn’t enough, Story Machine Games also offers a game night on Thursdays over on its Facebook page, where these games are played live with anyone joining them. It’s a nice way to beat the isolation blues, as well as give any feedback


 You can find all of these games by Story Machine over on their website.

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