Snaggle Gap Games offer gaming freebies!

20 April 2020
Free games! No, honest, I’m telling the tooth.

Snaggle Gap Games are relatively new to the gaming world, but the two person team based in Southampton are hitting the ground running with two free game downloads.


Named based on the tooth traits of creators Sam Prince and Kat Bennet, their ethos is to encourage having a break from everyday pressures, and spending time with loved ones, by creating games that are easy to learn and fun to play.


With cute and bright graphics, and suitable for ages 7+, they’re family friendly, and say their games require zero general knowledge, meaning everyone can engage with them. They fall under the party game genre, claiming to be an ‘investment in your social life’.


The free download offers two games. The first is Cactus Card Games, a print and play with two games outcomes included – Cactus Colours, and Twin Pots. The benefit of course being you only need a printer and some scissors, and you can play again and again as it takes only between five and ten minutes to play.

Even better, the second game offered is Got You Covered, which is specifically playable via video call, with this actually being a requirement to play. We’ve seen a lot of attempts to play our usual games online with mixed levels of success, either through virtual tabletops or through video chats like Zoom, Skype or Hangouts, but finding that games tailored to this are increasingly valuable in these unusual circumstances.


This one is for 2+ players, so in theory you could get the whole number of fellow gamers (or even family if they’ll play!) in a virtual social gaming meet up.

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Whilst social distancing, socialising (and not going stir crazy!) is tricky, and so games that let us do so easily are a winner at the moment, so you can check out Snaggle Gap Games and their free games on their website.  




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