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23 March 2022
"Why Fight Evil on the Tabletop if You Don’t Fight it in the Real World?"

Gaming has often been a source for good, a way to mobilise people whilst raising awareness and funds for specific topics. Examples include the recent bundles raising money for Ukraine, or Trans rights, but also aspects like Dungeons & Dragons with Comic Relief. These have been mostly ad hoc examples of communities coming together to raise funds, but today brings the news of RollVsEvil, a charitable enterprise consisting of Tabletop RPG and board game companies joining together to support small groups and charities. 

We interviewed Chris Birch about the foundation and plans of RollVsEvil, which you can read by clicking here

In real terms, this will begin this weekend where people are encouraged to game and to donate directly to the RollVsEvil fundraising page. Funds spared by numerous gamers around the world will have a significant impact, with up to £100,000 in funds will be matched by Supernova Capital & Partners. In addition, Roll20 are offering a free bundle to use that includes a token marker pack, alien jungle map tiles, cursed forest assets, and frozen assets, as well as streaming a special charity stream on Friday 25th March at 8pm EDT, featuring GM Anthony Joyce-Rivera and players from Transplanar RPG, playing through The Monster of Wonderia. 

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The first campaign will raise funds for Ukraine. Examples it provides of how this will be split prioritise on the ground support, including funding for those helping vulnerable people evacuate, offering physical support to get them to safety, sourcing specific medical supplies from manufacturers as needed in Lviv and Kyiv, funding laptops and Starlink internet connections for groups working with hostels in Poland, funding for the A21s Charity Campaign on the border to combat human trafficking, sourcing physical gear and supplies and aiding with distribution, and supporting the work of an Airbnb style group to aid those displaced. 

You can find more about RollVsEvil through its website. 



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