Pay what you like for Household Robotica!

22 April 2020
Skynet meets a washing machine in a lockdown

There we are stuck in lockdown, arguing over toilet paper, selfishly having little to no consideration for our poor household appliances.  It’s fair to say we’ve taken away their downtime, and completely failed to consider how we’ve stolen their opportunity to count electric sheep.


Not to worry though, because Games Omnivorous has given the right amount of thought to our poor machines.


In sympathy of their plight, they’ve created a new game for us to play: Household Robotica, which is a mini RPG about robotic-home-appliances trying to escape the home, written by Andre Novoa and designed by lina&nando.


It’s set 35 years in the future, where the household robots are semi sentient and desperate to escape the ‘house-HELD’ after a Virus outbreak (inspiration for this unknown…).  They’re dreaming of revolution, and whilst we say ‘they’ we actually mean ‘you’ – as you’ll play as the robot trying to escape from the humans grasp.


It’s a two player game, with one person a the Household Master, and one as the Robot character, with an expected playtime of approximately 30 mins.


It’s down as a pay what you like type game, where you could pay nothing, or provide a contribution, and there's no obligation.

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Funds raised from this will be donated to an institution actively fighting the current pandemic, meaning not only does it provide you amusement, but you’re helping at the same time. If you’d prefer, alternatively, it’s asked if you enjoy it but pay nothing, that you make a similar donation to your preferred institution.


Tabletop Gamers fighting this pandemic one game at a time feels pretty wonderful. You can download what you need to play by clicking here.


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