New from Anima Press is its first RPG – Mew-Tants.

23 June 2020
The purrr-fect first entry (absolutely couldn't resist that one)

You may recognise Mew-Tants from its Kickstarter, which was originally funded over 200% of its goal. With all backers pledges fulfilled, it’s time to release to retail. If you haven’t seen it before, well, the core of what you need to know is that you’ll be enjoying life as a mutant cat (only without the constant sleeping, and remember no opposable thumbs).


Everybody within the game is a cat, but a cat with mutant superpowers from tele-cat-nesis to laser pointer eyes to cat-ortionism. They’ll be exploring, seeking out and rescuing stranded kittens and taking down Were-Woofs. Choice of knocking things off of the side, and taking the good spot on the sofa, completely optional.


The RPG Zine is based on the D6 system, and it’s designed to be rules-light, and was created by Aled Lawnor. As part of this, you’ll receive a short adventure entitled ‘The Catnapping’, where your mutant cats will need to find the missing “Kitty Foo-Foo”


Mew-Tants itself is a 25 page RPG in A5, with the printed version being 120 GSM, saddle-stitched zine format. With that, it can be purchased as either a print copy or PDF however you’d prefer.


This begins the series of animal-based games for Anima Press, where the next will consider the villains of this piece – the Were-Woofs, set in the same universe but instead of cats, you’ll be playing as the dogs instead. They’ll be comparable and based on the same system, which means they can also be played together if you have both.

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Anima Press has also contributed to Dissident Whispers, an RPG project raising money for the National Bail Funds, whom we actually spoke to in a podcast recently. In addition, it tells us it’s working on a number of projects in addition to its sequel, so we’ll keep an eye for what’s coming!



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