New Fantastic Four Characters Come to HeroClix

17 June 2020
Time to find a new favourite

HeroClix is the collectable miniatures tabletop combat game that spans huge franchises, offering us a great opportunity to pick up some of our favourites. With it, you can collect your heroes, build up teams, and fight enemies across the realms you join.


We’ve now been treated to a preview of some of the newer figures to join the Marvel HeroClix, from the Fantastic Four! Presented by Eternal Games, these will be available on July 22nd and can be pre-ordered now.


Within the Fantastic Four set, Eternal Games commented that these will contain characters not seen in years. With the Marvel films bringing popularity to smaller characters, this is a welcome addition as fans look for even more.


The set will include Franklin Richards, who is able to manipulate reality. He’s able to provide family close to him the Power Cosmic Team ability, and has a long dial, with special power for all of it but his last click – so can choose any three standard powers.



There’s also Ms Marvel, Kamala Kahn, who has shape change – can choose to become a giant for better combat values or is able to support the team or begin as tiny size.



Susan Storm is the Battle world version, created by God Emperor Doom. She starts the game with a trait that lest you take 4 characters with the Fantastic Four keyword, and replace them with 4 characters from the sideline with the Fantastic Four keyword and equal or less in total points of the replaced characters.


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These are exciting previews, and the collection has proven to be popular in general. These are of course in addition to the new Fantastic Four sets available from Wizkids, where you'll find the perhaps more familiar Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing, Silver Surfer, and Dr. Doom available as a starter set. We love how these look! You can preorder from your FLGS or at WizKidz direct, for release on July 22nd 2020. 



If you’re looking for more, or even little bit different, you can always pick up the Marvel Strike Teams HeroClix Strategy game from our game store, turning the miniatures game into a dungeon-crawling board game.





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I'd like Omega the Unknown and the Cat (Greer Grant - or even Walter Hardy).

Posted by Scott Randel on Wed 17 Jun 16:51:03