New Card Game based on The Phantom now on Kickstarter

01 May 2020
It's okay to ask who that is. It's a cool answer.

If your comic book knowledge extends as far as the Avengers films, plus some Batman and the odd Superman, you’ll maybe not be aware of The Phantom. First published way back in 1937, he was the first crime fighting superhero to embrace a skin tight costume – so no, it’s not Superman to blame for that one!


Dubbed ‘the man who cannot die’, The Phantom swore The Oath of the Skull, a fancy way of saying he promised with his fathers skull, that he would fight against ‘piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice’, handing down the mantel to his son, and then his son, and so forth, until we’re five and a bit hundred years later and the recent Phantom has left Skull Rock for America.


There’s been everything from musicals, to theme park attractions, to video games based on the Phantom, but now it’s time for another – a card building game, released today on Kickstarter.  


The Phantom: The Card Game is a 1-2 player co-op adventure game, with some easy to learn gameplay and quick action to play between 20-45 minutes. Each round, you’re in the world of the Phantom, and will face a new problem – but with limited resources and some short term obstacles. You’ll need to evolve your supplies of items and allies, whilst fending off enemies. There are expansion options of up to three adventures of differing difficulties, which are based on classic Phantom stories from its history. It sounds like a fun opportunity to through out some popular storylines, whether a fan or just looking to enjoy the game.


The official Kickstarter launches today, so be sure to check it out!

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