Matt Mercer Stepping Down as DM in Exandria Unlimited, Aabria Iyengar To Lead

14 June 2021
Wondered where to start with Critical Role? This might be your chance!

If you managed to miss the phenomenal hype around Critical Role, you need only know that it's an incredibly popular actual play show for D&D, DM'd by Matt Mercer, and full of voice actors and phenomenal cast and players that bring D&D to live. It's spanned two series, consists of thousands of hours of showtime, and created a whole sub genre of D&D. 

Their next venture, into Exandria Unlimited, sees Matt Mercer (the ever-DM?) taking the role as a player instead, with Aabria Iyengar taking the helm of a brand new mini-adventure. The additional players will consist of Ashley Johnson, Liam O’Brien, Aimee Carrero, and Robbie Daymond, who followers will be familiar with. Instead of the huge series Critical Role is particularly known for, these will be eight episodes, pre-filmed and edited together, and set within the world of Critical Role, but without any prior knowledge of it being necessary.

There are a number of exciting factors to this, not least including a new DM being able to set adventures in a familiar world, but also that if you've not managed to catch up with the huge number of videos that make up Critical Role, this is a chance to be involved without the substantial time commitment to do so. 

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The adventure will begin in the city of Emon, a place still recovering from the Chroma Conclave attack that occurred 30 years earlier. You can meet the players in the video released below, and see what's in store!


You can catch the episodes from Thursday, June 24th at 7pm Pacific, (which is 3am BST).

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