Legend of the Five Rings: New Dynasty Pack and Banned/Restricted Cards updated

24 June 2020
Does anyone do living card games like Fantasy Flight? Probably not, we’re excited to see their new announcement of the sixth Dynasty Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: the Card Game.

Legend of the five rings is set in Rokugan, and is a game of conflict and honour. You join the great clans as their leader, seeking uphold the tenets of Bushido, and fulfil your duty to the emperor. Plus, fight the other clans of course, in whichever means suits – with honour, or without.


The newly announced Atonement, is the sixth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle, offering every clan a host of new ways to fight for honour – or at least the appearance of honour.


The pack includes “a new Dragon stronghold, two new province cards, a World Champion-designed card, and a card created in conjunction with the Legend of the Five Rings community, Atonement is a Dynasty Pack that no fan will want to miss”.


That world champion designed card is by Erik Baalhuis, winner in 2018. It’s the Daidoji Yari card, which doesn’t give a way to honour your own characters, but rewards you for playing more honourably than your opponent.


The news from Fantasy Flight doesn’t stop there though, as there’s an update to the banned and restricted list, in order to encourage players to diversify their deckbuilding, and to improve the experience overall.


The banned list now includes Bayushi Liar (Core Set, 95), Policy Debate (Imperial Cycle, 40), and Gateway to Meido (Inheritance Cycle, 3).


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The restricted list now includes Kepper Initiate (Core Set, 124), Display of Power (Core Set, 179), Tactical Ingenuity (The Emperors Legion, 21), Iron Mine (Imperial Cycle, 103), Kuni Laboratory (Elemental Cycle, 84), and Bayushi Shoju (Inheritance Cycle 121).



Updates have also been made to formats of Skirmish, Enlightenment, and Team Conquest documents to make them more valuable to players regardless of game, however no rules have changed.



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