Kids on Brooms Open to Pre-Order

22 April 2020
Didn't get your Hogwarts letter? No problem

Nostalgic for the days when Harry Potter was everywhere, pointy hats were the norm, and you were drawing lightening scars on your forehead? (Just me?). Well, here’s a great alternative for everyone, Kids on Brooms, a collaborative role-playing game by Renegade Game Studios.


It’s hard not to draw comparisons to our favourite bespectacled wizard and his world, as Kids on Brooms has you dealing with your school’s professors, mythical beasts (no, they’re not the same thing), brewing potions, and casting magic. You’ll create your own magical school, search for secrets, and ensure your homework is in on time.


However, Kids on Brooms is an RPG. Therefore, it’s totally up to you if you envisage Alan Rickman when dealing with the potions professor.


If you’re familiar with the award winning Kids on Bikes, you’ll be pleased to hear Kids on Brooms will be based on the same framework, being ‘rules-light, narrative-first’ and ‘perfect for new players and gaming veterans alike’.


In fact, in our review of Kids on Bikes, Richard Jansen-Parkes complimented it as a ‘neat system that can generate some fascinating stories.’. If you’re trying to engage your family in the world of wizardry then, this could be a great way to do so.


The game is recommended for ages 12+, and for 2-6 players. For your $25 pre-order, you’ll receive a 100 page full colour softcover book, with everything you need to play, an anticipated delivery date of the of August 2020. However, if you do pre-order now, you’ll also receive a PDF of the game later this summer, to play before launch.

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You can check out the Kids on Brooms pre-order page here.




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