Happy Hour with Para Bellum Wargames

26 January 2021
And a new mascot

It certainly feels like a bit of a gloomy month, not least because of the pandemic, but also because it's January, meaning it feels like it runs at a 500 day month, rather than a 30. But Para Bellum are here to brighten our days a little. Para Bellum make impressive miniatures, and we've got a brilliant feature about how they do just that - but you may recognise them from the game Conquest, containing a fun but deeply tactical strategy battle system.

Speaking of fun, they've also got a brand new mascot named Ollie - I wonder if his posture is recognisable?

Ollie is waiting outside in the cold for his FLGS to play his favourite game, Conquest – though as our FLGS's are currently closed, we're worried he'll be waiting a while!


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Importantly though, to offer a little bit of fun to the gloomy January, Para Bellum are hosting Conquest's Virtual Happy Hour. It'll be Thursday 28th January 2021, at 4pm EDT (that's 9pm in the UK), and is "BYOB - Bring your own Biomancer!".

As they can't meet everyone at shows at the moment, the team will be online to listen to your questions, complaints, compliments, and ideas in an hour forum to chat casually. 

There's also the hint of a few surprises, so if you're a fan you may get a glimpse of something exciting!

And if the time doesn't suit, Para Bellum have said they'll be hosting more of these events across different times, to be able to catch up with the community and share new products. 

To join in, you'll simply need to register with an email to [email protected]


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