Frostgrave Terrain from Kromlech and Tabletop Scenics

03 June 2020
Did all this talk of frost make it colder outside?

Kromlech are no stranger to an epic trailer, and when they’re showing us the Official Terrain for Frostrgrave, an epic trailer is just what’s need. The teaming up of Kromlech and Tabletop Scenics with Osprey Games is perfect for the second edition Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City, a skirmish tabletop game by Joseph A. McCullough.


We actually spoke to McCullough about the mechanics of wargame design, and if you're not familiar with Frostgrave, you can always check out our review of the original version.


You can catch a link to the trailer below, which includes a suitably frosty scene within the cold wilderness, showing off the new areas you can create and modify as part of the collection. Many areas appear to be modular, allowing for real customisation in the setup, and more detail available to you.




There are fifteen within the collection, which include an Enchanted Well, Silent Tower, Merchant House, Cemetery, Bell Tower, Mausoleum, Sacred Temple, City Ruins, Derelict Warehouse, Town Ruins, Haunted Houses, Living Museum, Market Place Remains, and stepped Pyramid, with associated terrain pieces with them to really paint the scene.

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Frostgrave 2nd Edition is available for pre-order now with Osprey Publishing, for release or general purchase on 20 August 2020. The associated Frostgrave terrain sets from Kromlech will be available on June 8th 2020, without pre-orders.


The fallen empire awaits!

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