Free Nordic Horror RPG available during Halloween 2023

30 October 2023
The Award winning Vaesen Core Rulebook will be available online for free download between 30th-31st October

What better time to arrange a spooky game night than Halloween!

Free League Publishing have decided to treat us all (no tricks) by making their award-winning RPG Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying available to download for free between 30th and 31st October.

What is Vaesen?

Vaesen is a roleplaying game system set in the mythological 'Mystic North,' taking inspirations from Nordic and Scandinavian culture, from classics like trolls and giants to more terrifying creatures, like the child-devouring Night Raven.

Players take on the roles of 19th century gentry, living in the age of industrialisation and seeing how it clashes with the old world, both metaphorically and, if the monsters have anything to say about it, literally.

In our review of Vaesen it was described as doing "an incredible job of ramping up the tension and allowing players to forget that they’re actually in their kitchen and instead imagine themselves somewhere in the Swedish hinterlands, being chased down by a murderous raven. When this works, it becomes easy to draw people in, and even easier to conjure up the frights that keep a horror game ticking along.

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How do I get a free copy of Vaesen?

The core rulebook for the game can be freely downloaded on DriveThruRPG here. Note that you will also need to create a free account on DriveThruRPG to be able to save and have access to it in the future.

This will only be available until the end of 31st October, so act fast if you want to get this fantastic RPG system for free!


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